Kindercity Children’s Museum

Kindercity near Zurich is an indoor, children’s discovery “museum” with lots of hands-on activities. It is divided into three play areas, each targeted to a different age group, ranging from toddlers to about 10 years old. I find this place a bit easier to manage little kids than the enormous indoor play halls like Trampolino and we had many happy days here when my kids were little. The rooms are closed off, so kids can’t escape so easily. And the exhibits are more geared to little kids than Technorama, with bright colors and easy to manipulate activities. It’s a bit pricey, but the year pass is good deal if you plan to go often.

Location:   Zurich Region
Address: Chlirietstrasse 12, 8604 Volketswil
Car: ~20 mins from Zurich
Train: ~30 mins from Zurich
Open: Open every day except Dec 24-25, from 10:00 to 18:00.
Price (2015): Child 2-12 years CHF 16.50, Adult over 12 CHF 22.50
Workshops CHF 16.50, extra fee for car and train rides and bungy jumps on roof
Services: cafe, picnic area outdoors on roof, play area, stroller accessible
More info:

Getting There

Kindercity is located at Chlirietstrasse 12, 8604 Volketswil, near Uster, about a 30 min drive from Zurich. To drive there, take the A1, then highway 53 south. Take the exit “Volketswil” towards “Industrie Volketswil”. Continue straight on this road turning right on Chlirietstrasse (near the McDonalds). You can park for free in the big open lot across from Kindercity. You can take the train and bus here too.


Kindercity has different rooms designed for different age groups. The Chäferliweg room is fun for little ones with lots of things to climb on and touch. My pictures aren’t very helpful, but they should give you a little idea. There’s a water river with balls, a block room, fun house mirrors, drums, things on the floor that make music, etc. It’s more educational than pure fun, like Starbie’s or Trampolino. There is also an outside play area on the roof of the building. For a extra fee, kids can drive little go carts and take a train around the roof. They also have a bungy jump. They don’t have a lot to offer for children under 2, but the Chäferliweg room has a small enclosed area for very little kids to explore.

Older kids like this play TV studio on the first floor.

Below a play garden teaching the kids about composting. Giant sized phone to stomp on.

On the roof, there are cars and train for extra fee.


In addition to the rooms, there is a big kitchen where classes are offered on making bread, chocolate, butter and other things. If your child is 2-4 you need to be there, otherwise you are free to leave your child there (in the class). You need to reserve a place in the class by calling ahead of time. They have classes everyday and the schedule is posted on the Kindercity website. This costs CHF16.00 extra. They also offer rooms for birthdays and arrange for an entertainer and cake.

Cafe & Picnic

There is a cafe that’s not great and pretty expensive. The pizza is ok and that’s what we usually get. You are not supposed to eat your own food in the cafe and there is no picnic area, except the roof, which is not practical on a rainy or cold day. So I usually bring snacks into the exhibit areas and try not to make a mess. I don’t know if food is allowed in the exhibit areas, but no one has ever asked me to stop.


The single entrance fee to the activity rooms is pretty high. Supervised activities are extra, like bread making and chocolate classes, etc. But the yearly membership is a good deal since it includes 5x in the workshops, 3x at the “driving school”, 3x riding the train, 3x bungy jump. For example, a yearly membership for 1 Adult + 2 Children CHF 164.00 (see more price options). You can pay the single entrance fee and if you decide to join for the year the entrance fee goes to your yearly payment.

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Hands-on children's museum with educational theme. Near Zurich, Switzerland.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. We went to Kindercity today with my 3 year old's birthday and he the and his 22 month old brother had a blast! I was also able to relax on the sofa by the coffee machine for awhile 🙂 I saw some other parents camped out there reading books.
    It is a great environment and safe for the kids. We will be back there again!

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