Waldshut, Germany

My family drove up to Waldshut just to buy new dishes over the border and ended up spending the whole day there. I loved this little town! The people are VERY friendly and we had one of the best meals I have had in a long time. It is a very old, historisc little city with beautiful architecture.

Waldshut is about 1 hour from Zurich (30 min. from Bülach) and has a ‘Bahnhofstrasse’ with lots of shopping and restaurants. This would be a good 1/2 day outing. My husband said that it reminded him of Murten here in Switzerland.

Basically, if you want a small, beautiful, old-town feel in another country (we know how our American guests LOVE to tell people that they went to Switzerland AND another country ;)), then this might be a good fit. Aufwieeeeedersehen!

Contributed by a friend, Heather. Pics by Tanya.


The pedestrian zone in the old town.

My son loved jumping over the waterway in the middle of the street.

Lots of statues.

Fountain as well.

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  1. Great post, thanks Heather and Tanya!

    I have yet to make a day trip out of Switzerland after two years living in Zurich… If we could combine mellow sight-seeing with lower-priced shopping, that would be great.

  2. On your recommendation, I went to Waldshut and enjoyed it very much. One thing to add… There’s a small play area for older kids with some ropes to climb on, but no slide or swings. Turn left at second street after passing through the city wall (from the bridge side of the town).

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