Stein am Rhein, Germany

Stein am Rhein is cobblestone street community where the houses date back to the 1100s. All houses are beautifully preserved, and many are up to 5 stories tall. Many are painted from top to bottom in murals. There is one “main” street on which most of the restaurants seemed to be clustered, although we found lots of interesting shops and other restaurants on side streets. It’s located on the shores of the Rhein river, on the Switzerland-Germany border north of Zurich. This is a good combo with the nearby impressive Rhein Falls. This is in Germany, so bring your passport just in case. 

Location:   Northeastern Switzerland – Germany border
Address: Parking: Chlini Schanz 40, 8260 Stein am Rhein, Germany
Car: 50 mins from Zurich
Train: 1hr30 from Zurich
Services: cafes and shops in city center
More Info:

Getting There

By car: Drive to Stein am Rhein and park in the metered lot just outside the city gate.

By public transport: Take a train to Stein am Rhein, on the Switzerland side. Then walk across the border and a bridge to reach the town center, about 700m.


There’s not much to particularly interest kids in this town. So plan for a short visit. We usually spend about an hour strolling through the town and river and eating a few treats. There are lots of outdoor cafes if you fancy lunch. There is also a grocery in town if you prefer to picnic along the river. We did find a playground at a local school, Schule Schanz, west of the town center.

Here is the gate entering the town from the parking.

Lots of heavily decorated buildings line the main pedestrian-only street.



Strolling along the river is nice, but there is no barrier, so kids could fall in pretty easy.



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  1. We have guests in town and decided it was finally time to cross boat ride on the Rhein off my must do list. Based no the schedule we decided to take the train to Stein am Rhein and then the boat back to Schaffhausen. The breeze felt amazing in this heat! We could have easily added the Rhein Falls into the mix since it is only a 5 minute train ride, but we had to get back to meet our first grader after school and decided on a nice relaxing lunch instead. We had the chance to see the falls from afar twice on the train ride and we have been there several times before. We could have driven, but did a lot of driving this weekend so the train was a nice break. We arrived at Stein am Rhein at 10:25 and enjoyed town and their really nice playground (that is in the shade!) then caught the boat at 11:30 arriving at 12:45, enjoyed some lunch in town and headed home. Great day! Oh…the boat is small and our 4 year old was fine with some coloring books after about 45 minutes of sightseeing, but I could see the 2-4 yo crowd struggling with not having room to move around.

  2. We went for the second time today and discovered that there is a really nice playground next to the parking area (along the river and kids’ train tracks). Some of the features were brand new (pirate ship, rope swing and slide) and there were some other pieces that looked to be a few years old (not sure if they are new since you posted). Anyway, our kids had a great time. Now that we know there is a fun place to entertain the kids, we will definitely go back when we have visitors. It will be nice to combine with the Rhein falls like you suggested or on its own for an afternoon after school is out.

    1. Thanks for the update and tips! If you have a picture of the playground, I’d love to add it to my post. You could send it to Wishing you many more happy adventures with your children.

  3. We just went here last wkd. We combined it with a trip to the Rheinfalls which I think was perfect because although Stein am Rhein is pretty, it is small with not too much to do. It was only a 25 min. drive from Rheinfalls. There is a small kiddie train that you can ride along the water and some sandy areas along the Rhein where little kids can swim. Also, I'd recommend driving to both Rheinfalls & Stein am Rhein – both had large parking lots and it was an easy drive.

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